We Simply Give You More
Sakhy is the app that will put you in control of your financial life, while intelligently educating you about your finances and spending patterns. One simple app with infinite generous offerings.

Consolidated Bird-Eye View

We believe that everyone should have full control and transparency over their finances without the hassle of multiple apps. We will connect all your different bank accounts and present them to you in our bird-eye view. Hence – Sakhy! The only app you’ll ever need.


Account Aggregation

We not only manage your finances. We present you with the best options to make payments and transactions. We will intelligently monitor your patterns and trends, making it easier for you to stay ahead of your payments and bills.


Personal Finance Management

We make it easy to understand your finances, optimize your spending and grow your savings automatically. Our sleek dashboard gives you both a summarized view of all your credits and debits, as well as a detailed view of all your spends – with dates, times and descriptions.



Sakhy cards will give you more. Matter of fact, they will give you much more. With 4 different cards, both virtual and plastic, you will get many features like Cash Back, Discounted Forex Rates, Loyalty Points, Airport Lounge Access, and much more.


Outstanding Design

Modern, simple and easy to use. And more importantly, it is always accessible. Whether on a smartphone or a tablet, you can have all your banking in one app with Sakhy.

Register Now

In short, register now to be one of our first testers as we’d like to know your feedback. At the end, Sakhy is an app designed to service you